Marseille is one hundred and eleven different neighborhoods. So, Marseille describe in a few lines is necessarily reductive. However, there are choke points. Typical places that make a rather accurate description. Which also make it a unique place. Ask the visitors. According to a recent survey, those usually know three places of Marseille, built there 26 centuries and the first marina of France.
First there was the Old Port . An appointment is required for tourists, eager to soak up the local culture. It speaks loudly , we exaggerate , but you never get tired cliché it represents. Located between Fort St John and Palais du Pharo , the fish market moved there every day , attracting many visitors. Marseille , tourists also know his " Canebière " Marseille famous thoroughfare , lined by the impressive Exchange nineteenth century. They also heard of Notre-Dame de la Garde. Located 162 meters above sea level, it is called the " Good Mother" , referring to the huge statue it supports.

It is an important place of worship for all major events at Marseilles . With a little luck , visitors will come across players of Olympique de Marseille, used to come and light a candle before games .

Om , the legend says that " first built the stadium and then arranged around the City ." Evidence that the football club and stadium seats 60,000 are powerful symbols of the "culture - marseille ". To be the only French club to have won the prestigious Champions League , OM is the pride of all Marseille .




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